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PRESS RELEASE: Vice Admiral, USN (Ret.) and former Congressman Joe Sestak (PA-07) Endorses Josh Butner for Congress

Today, Vice Admiral, USN (Ret.) and former Congressman Joe Sestak (PA-07) endorsed Lieutenant Commander, USN (Ret.) and Jamul Dulzura Union School Board Trustee Josh Butner's campaign for California's 50th Congressional District. 


PRESS RELEASE: Former Navy SEAL Josh Butner on Duncan Hunter Jr.'s vote to raise taxes on California's Working Families

"Today, Duncan Hunter Jr. turned his back on his constituents and sided with big corporations. Rather than putting the middle class and small businesses first, Duncan Hunter Jr. voted to increase taxes on working families and stick our children with the bill so they can pay for cuts for corporations that working families should have received. The people of California's 50th Congressional District deserve better!" 


PRESS RELEASE: Military Leaders Endorse Josh Butner for Congress

Today, United States Navy Rear Admiral Ray Smith (Ret.), Marine Corp Brigadier General David M.Brahms (Ret.), and former Secretary of the Navy John Dalton endorsed Lieutenant Commander (Ret.) and Jamul Dulzura School Board Member Josh Butner's campaign for Congress. 


PRESS RELEASE: Former Navy SEAL Butner on Duncan Hunter Jr's Hypocrisy

"The outlandish interview last week given by Duncan Hunter Jr. demonstrates his total disregard for the working people in California's 50th district. Rather than fighting to protect us, Duncan Hunter Jr. is fighting for corporations and the wealthiest citizens leaving middle class families to foot the bill."



Butner Outraises Incumbent Two to One, Leads Every Candidate in the Field


PRESS RELEASE: Former Navy SEAL Butner Responds to Duncan Hunter Jr.'s Reckless Comments on North Korea

"Having served in the SEAL teams near the DMZ , I know for a fact that we need real pathways to stability on the Korean Peninsula rather than reckless rhetoric that will only endanger the lives of Americans and our South Korean allies. It is time that the international community comes together in order to harness our collective power to let North Korea know that they stand alone against the peaceful nations of the world." 


PRESS RELEASE: Former Navy SEAL Butner Responds to the Resignation of Duncan Hunter Jr.'s Chief of Staff

"The latest revelation of Duncan Hunter Jr.'s Chief of Staff resigning would appear to indicate that the FBI investigation into his alleged criminal activity is further reducing his ability to represent his district.  Duncan Hunter Jr. needs to come clean to the people of California's 50th Congressional District.  As we continue to learn of the broadening scope of this criminal investigation, Duncan Hunter Jr.’s silence is deafening." 


PRESS RELEASE: Former Navy SEAL Butner Responds to Lack of Leadership from the White House on DACA

"We are a nation of immigrants, and stronger for it.  When I was a new SEAL medic, one of our most respected senior SEAL medics was an immigrant from Central America -- who became a citizen after multiple tours of duty, proudly serving our country.  The lack of leadership on DACA is outrageous.  It is time for Congress to come forward and right this wrong, head on."


PRESS RELEASE: Former Navy SEAL Butner Calls on Duncan Hunter to Decry Domestic Terrorism

"I took an oath to defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I call on Duncan Hunter to call the murder of activist Heather Heyer what it was: an act of domestic terrorism. Like my grandfather who fought in WWII, we must fight together against the extreme ideologies of hatred."


PRESS RELEASE: Former Navy SEAL Butner Responds to FBI Search of Duncan Hunter's Campaign Treasurer

"As this FBI investigation into Congressman Hunter’s alleged corruption drags on, Hunter has proven he is unable to focus on his constituents that need a leader in Washington who is 100% focused on delivering results for the people of East County. In the SEALTeams, we were held to the highest ethical and moral standards. We need a congressman who will be held to that same standard.”


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